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The Unique Business Center is a modern facility situated in Dubai, the country’s business hub, and houses state of the art, fully-equipped service offices. Setting up your office at the facility, for one, will relieve you of the hassles that come with renting a traditional office space. Likewise, you can be assured of the finest service office suites put together by the top architects, designers, and ergonomics specialists in the country who were pooled specifically to create the perfect meeting point for businesses as well as an excellent range of top-notch service and support facilities.

Why Us

The Unique Business center complies with the formal and official requirements for office space rental, which can confidently qualify clients for the official documentation of relevant authority. The Unique Business center is a professional services firm in the UAE providing a full range of quality services to meet all your Company’s statutory needs. Our services include facility of fully equipped service office, accounting book keeping, corporate secretary services, incorporation of UAE private limited company, compilation of financial report, registered address, employment & business consulting and corporate advisory services.

Chairman Message

The Gulf States and the metropolis of Dubai are currently one of the fastest expanding markets in the world. The atmosphere is that of a new era: a time of expansion comparable to the period of extraordinary German growth in the 1950s now known as the German Economic Miracle.

In recent years, many adventurers have come to Dubai for this reason, hoping to make a quick profit without much effort. But most of them soon had to admit that they had completely misjudged the situation. Succeeding in business here requires - even more than in other parts of the world - a high level of effort, flexibility, hard work, creativity, staying power and a serious approach, coupled with genuine respect for the Arab partners' ethnic and religious customs. But those who fulfill these criteria will find they are almost guaranteed success.

In founding the Unique Business Center, our goal is to give foreign companies in the Gulf states qualified assistance and support. We do this by putting at your disposal our extensive knowledge of the local situation and the opportunity to contact local decision makers.


Some of the Awesome Projects we've worked on.


We provide professional services at competitive rates and are committed to timely delivery of work. Our wide varieties of services are designed in such comprehensive way that you won’t need to spend time and money on office setup and maintenance. These services include spacious offices, luxury workstations and guest areas with dedicated receptionists. We also offer state of the art conference rooms, interview and board rooms which are readily available to you.

Advantages of our serviced offices:

  • All-inclusive billing
  • Monthly payments
  • Flexible contract periods
  • A wide range of office sizes with flexibility to upgrade or downsize
  • Instant telephone and I.T. connectivity
  • Professional and friendly receptionist service
  • Use of meeting rooms, concierge and entertainment area
  • Access to parking facilities
    Business Incorporation Services:
  • Comprehensive & Quick Dubai business set up
  • Consultancy services
  • All Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) company license types
  • Local service agent services
  • Local partner services
  • Experienced, professional team

Fully serviced office:

  • Furnished Office
  • Ready Telephone and PABX systems
  • Ready broadband internet
  • Dedicated telephone numbers for every desk.
  • General number for company.
  • Dedicated fax number.
  • Every desk has a voicemail that can be converted and delivered to your email Fully serviced offices with sizes and cost suitable and affordable to you.
  • Office size starts from 200sqft. with impressive environment
  • The serviced offices are fully furnished with impressive furniture and decor
  • Affordable monthly payment plan
  • Total flexibility to expand or down size
  • Reduce operating cost up to 40%


Dedicated receptionist will attend and transfer your calls as per your instructions (to your-desk, mobile, local/international, office number).Calls are answered. Greet and meet your customers on your behalf at generic reception.

Secretarial Services:

Paid secretarial service
Concierge Services

BusinessWorld Memberships

Executive Offices

(1 person):
Highly sophisticated single offices that designed for company CEOs, Managing Director and Chairmen.

Mini Corporate Offices

(2 person):
a comfort office setting for two people.Highly sophisticated single offices that designed for company CEOs, Managing Director and Chairmen.

Group Offices

(3 person):
for a small company of a manager and two staff members.Highly sophisticated single offices that designed for company CEOs, Managing Director and Chairmen.

Company Offices

(4 person):
accommodate four members of the same company.Highly sophisticated single offices that designed for company CEOs, Managing Director and Chairmen.

Semi-Corporate Offices

(5 person):
or larger companies of a manager and five staff members.Highly sophisticated single offices that designed for company CEOs, Managing Director and Chairmen.

Corporate Offices

(8 person):
Large office can accommodate seven staff members and their manager. Serviced Offices include. Contemporary, professional desk with discreet cable management system and mobile pedestal with key. Leather or fabric ergonomically adjustable chair.


Telecommunications and IT Infrastructure:

  • Turn-key solution : Start your business on day one just bring your laptop
  • Instant telephone and IT connectivity
  • 24 hours monitored super fast internet connection
  • IP phone (dedicated number for every user)
  • Dedicated fax number for your company
  • Fully equipped meeting facilities and AV equipment, just connect your laptop and deliver presentation to your clients
  • Personal extension number allotted to each workstation
  • Voicemails converted into emails
  • 24 hours secure access to your office

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